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Descent 2nd Edition GAK SERU!

1. Gamenya cuman 1 jam-an. Kurang lama buat game epic, belom bosen udah selesai. Juga kurang cepet buat light filler game, terlalu kompleks dan ga bisa dimaenin sambil lalu.

2. Variable player power yang bikin pusing 7 keliling milih karakter: tiap archetype ada 2 hero. 1 hero bisa milih satu diantara 2 class. Terlalu banyak pilihan! Tiap karakter juga punya skill dan feat sendiri2 yang unik, ngebikin gamenya jadi ga balance sama sekali. Kalo gue mati dan kalah itu berarti yang menang karena milih karakter yang imba abis!

3. Selama main game gua ga bisa mikir panjang bikin long term strategi dan bikin analisa tajam buat antisipasi player lain. Ga seru! Gamenya jadi ngebikin player baru cepet adaptasi ama gameplaynya dan kalopun gua uda expert rasa2nya ga bakal dapet advantage dari newbie. Buat apa dimaenin donk?

4. Puzzle jigsaw mapnya banyak banget, tapi di quest ga dipake semua dan parahnya lagi tiap piece ada nomernya. BUAT APA COBA? kan jadi cepet banget kan nyusunnya!

5. miniaturenya terlalu detail dan konkret, ngebikin distraction jadi sering ngeliatin minisnya pas maen. Gua suka yang abstrak kayak meeples, cube, dan disc karena lebih merangsang imajinasi dan tidak ngeganggu gue mikir.

6. Graphic-nya terlalu fantasy dan artworknya terlalu modern, pasti digambar pake digital software! Gua lebih prefer artwork high fantasy yang ga terlalu fantasy dari era 70an yang warnanya serba pucet karena keterbatasan printer. oldschool itu hipster. hipster itu keren.

7. gamenya ga ada darah2an, malah ga ada efek sama sekali. sound juga non-existent. yang ada malah ketawa2 suara yang maen, berisik! ribut! ngeganggu konsentrasi gue pas mikir. karakter2nya juga ga bisa gonta-ganti baju. Bajunya itu2 aja. boring abis. gua juga jadi ga bisa ngeliat underwearnya si cewe hunter. payah! udah ga ada nudity, liat underwear ga bisa lagi!!

8. Mengenai archetype yang sama sekali ga ngikutin archetype yang ada. Payah banget ini game. Apa sih maksud yang bikin pake archetype segala. Ga ada tsundere, ga ada nekomimi… apa itu thief, disciple, dll? Aneh2 aja.

Dengan delapan point barusan. Gua menilai Descent 2 nilainya -10 dari 10. Dengan satu kata: sampah.



Not as epic as Twilight Imperium 3rd edition, but still a hell of a fun game. You can shape the gameplay according to the mentality of the players. Those who hates confrontation will find solace in alliances and the fact betrayal is quite punishing to do. Aggressive players will also find their thirst of battle very rewarding. The passive-aggressive manipulative person like myself can also find home in the scheming and conspiracy, despite the punishment of betrayal, when done right is definitely going to be satisfying.

– Player mats is where half of the stuff happening. The layout is functional, but the same couldn’t be said for the horrible color codes. The quality of the paper could be better. I’d rather have a thick cardboard player mat than a thick cardboard player aid.

– There are lots of cubes and discs representing resources. I’m not an euro gamer at heart so the sheer amount of these are quite overwhelming.

– The ships miniatures is hard plastic and look great.

– The rest of the stuff is up to the quality standard.


– Eclipse is a 4X game (eXplore, eXpand, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) focusing on the first three X.

– The strategy is deep and complex. There are various ways to win the game and every one of them requires long planning. The tactical aspect of the game is simple and the chance of you getting in this situation is few and possibly none.

– You are encouraged to form an alliance and discouraged to betray your allies.

– The tech focuses more on battles. But the way we do upgrades is smart. Too fiddly in the setup, though.

– Battles are hard to win. Without the appropriate tech, you are hopeless to win, even against neutral army.

– in theory, the downtime is quick. but the people i’m playing with took forever in their turn. they think too much and too long i could plan 2 rounds ahead while waiting. it’s that long. (note that each rounds contain several turns of varying number depending on your resources)

Where’s the fun?
– In planning your move. there isn’t much outthinking to be done, but it’s more than enough to make you busy.

– In the metagaming aspect: even though it’s not much compared to other games; the table politics, hidden agenda, under-table-text-message conspiracy, and trying to manipulate your opponents to make the wrong move complements the gameplay perfectly.

– The replayability is high. we’re playing with modular boards and with each player mats contain two character to choose from: human or alien.

Do I want to play the game again: I definitely hope so!

Am I willing to purchase the game: No. the game is of the expensive end and I prefer the more epic Twilight Imperium 3rd edition if I ever have the spare money to buy a game of this genre.

players: @yontory @Ranzou_sama @fri

I don’t remember how we decide the first player, but @yontory got the first turn.

then.. I forgot.

All I remember was that @fri had Dragon-something Wizard and he’s trashing everyone and consistently gaining 8 victory point (VP). During the game everybody were fighting everybody. There is no diplomacy, negotiation, nor backstabbing. The world is too small for even the two of us. In the game of Small World, you win or you decline.

So @fri won the game. His first ever. By a huge margin. Which only proves the curse of the game-owner, whom never won, not even when doing trial run.

Second place is @Ranzou_sama, the third is @yontory